Important Information about Reopening our Buildings

We are pleased to announce that limited congregations are will be able to attend worship services from Sunday 7th of June. In order for this to be possible a number of conditions will need to be met to satisfy the Government’s Health and Safety requirements.

Firstly we will be limited in numbers according to the 20 per congregation limit as well as individual density requirements for each building. Most centres in our parish will therefore be restricted to less than 20 congregants based on their respective areas. This means that if you wish to attend a service in person we are asking that you first ring and notify the nominated warden of your intention and be guided by them as to when you can attend. If you can’t attend this week then you will be first on the list for the next service at that centre.

The nominated wardens for each centre are:

  • Christ the King, Mt Barker 10AM Service - Sandra Pullen

  • Christ the King, Mt Barker 4.30PM Service - Liz Hampel

  • St Mary’s, Echunga - Annette Schirmer

  • St James’, Blakiston - Ian Newman

  • St John the Baptist’s, Macclesfield - Clyde Slack

  • St John the Evangelist’s, Mylor - Lucy Hoskings

Contact details for wardens can be found in the weekly pew sheet or you can contact the parish office or one of the parish priests for more details on:

Once you have confirmed your attendance we ask that you arrive early (approximately 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the service) as there are a number of procedures that will need to be completed or explained before the start of the service.

If required please queue outside the entrance in an orderly fashion, maintaining a minimum gap of 1.5 metres, while the greeter asks the required screening questions, collects essential attendance data (including first name and phone number, which will be kept for 30 days before being destroyed) and directs to your seat once you have used the hand sanitiser provided.

Once everyone is seated any changes to the service, such as regulations on passing the peace and on how communion will be received will be gone through before the service starts.

After the service is completed we ask you to leave in an orderly fashion, continuing to maintain 1.5 metre social distance gap. Unfortunately we are not yet in a position to be able to share fellowship over morning tea, but parishioners are encouraged to visit each other and enjoy fellowship in private homes, if comfortable, so long as the relevant guidelines are adhered to.

We appreciate your patience and compliance with these measures that are necessary to ensure we can recommence shared worship within a building. If you feel that you are unable to meet any of these requirements or you are feeling unwell, you will still be able to watch the service from Mt Barker, now live at 10AM.

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