In July of 1920 about a hundred worldwide representatives of Mothers' Union met in London. So powerful were the relationships forged during the week of discussion and prayer that definite steps were taken to maintain common commitments and goals.

The Mothers' Union Wave of Prayer was born.

Beginning in April 1921 members were asked to use a simple prayer at midday each day, filling in from a calendar the name of a country and diocese where the Mothers' Union was at work.

For nearly 100 years this wave of prayer has swept on continuously throughout the organisation enabling close links to be maintained between members in different parts of the world.

The unbroken chain of prayer provides the spiritual foundation for the mission and work of Mothers' Union.

This years prayer points from our link dioceses included:

LUI in South Sudan.

Since December 2013, South Sudan – the world's newest country – has been in conflict. Many people in Lui fled to the bush for safety, travel was dangerous, planting and harvesting were disrupted. The situation is improving slowly, life is returning to normal with schools opened and people rebuilding their livelihoods. A fragile peace agreement was signed in February 2020 but the situation is still unstable. The people of Lui are members of the small Moru tribe and supporters of neither faction in the civil war. The first case of COVID 19 in Juba was reported in April. The health system in the country is ill-equipped to contain and deal with the spread of the disease. The closing of borders of South Sudan meant keeping out food from Uganda, so the cost of food has greatly increased. Schools are closed, and there is a lack of resources and support leading to much suffering. At the end of September 625,000 people had been affected by floods in South Sudan, and numbers and water levels are expected to rise in coming months.

We pray for Mothers Union leaders, Jenifa and Rina, and all members and their families.

EMBU in Kenya.

Key needs and issues in Kenya include gender-based violence, child marriage and economic empowerment, which members are working to change. In October 2017 Mothers Union started an Eagle program in six dioceses, encouraging communities to take initiative to tackle their own challenges through training, Bible studies and group facilitation-priority issues such as gender equity, livelihoods and health. Practical projects such as pig and goat rearing, fishing, farming, beekeeping, brickmaking, and building shops for rental, bring in much needed income for families and the church. They are hoping to expand this program across Kenya.

Embu diocese covers the town of Embu and the surrounding areas, and is north-east of Nairobi towards Mt Kenya.

We give thanks for the 3,200 Mothers Union Members in 48 branches, and their leaders Susan and Nancy, and the many projects they undertake.

ORLU in Nigeria.

Underpinning all the work of Mothers Union members in Nigeria is a strong spiritual life with prayer conferences, Bible studies and worship. Nigeria is a diverse country which faces many challenges, one of which is political tension. They are uniting in prayer for peace and the end of insecurity. Mothers Union is rooted in the communities and is active in serving local people in practical relief to the most needy, challenging early child marriage and discrimination against women, nurturing its children and young people through mentoring, developing life skills, access to education and health care. Also actively mobilising communities in income generating and business development activities to reduce poverty. Mothers Union is involved in hospital visitation, health clinics, daycare centres, nursery schools, marriage education, parenting courses, vocational training, prison ministry.

The diocese of Orlu is in the south of Nigeria, and is a mainly rural area. It was formed in 1984.

We pray for Mothers Union leaders Dora and Florence, and all members.

AWORI in Nigeria.

This diocese is home to the Awori tribe, who are known to be a friendly and welcoming people. It is one of the newest dioceses in Nigeria, being formed as a missionary diocese in 2008.

We pray for their Mothers Union leader Folusola and all members.

MEDAK in India.

A major concern in India is the high prevalence of human trafficking with approximately three million women being trafficked each year, 40% of whom are minors. In a bid to help tackle this issue, Mothers Union members in India work on programs aimed at empowering women and supporting them in fighting against this crime, including training events and awareness rallies. Members also make visits to some of the country’s poorest slum areas, preaching the gospel and providing school uniform and other clothes to children, as well as educating them on health and hygiene. They also run health camps with specific focuses such as eye and dental health, raise HIV/AIDS awareness and support children of people living with HIV/AIDS. They aim to help members grow in their faith, promote Christian marriage and family life, and train women in leadership in the church and community.

Medak is a diocese in the Church of South India (CSI), located in Andhra Pradesh state. Members of Mothers Union – known in India as Women's Fellowship of Christian Service (WFCS) – are active in advocacy and campaigning work, and provide a strong, united voice to stand up for women's rights and speak out against gender-based violence.

We pray for the President and all members of the Women's Fellowship in Medak Diocese.


We give thanks for Bishop Keith and his vision for growing the church in our diocese.

We give thanks for our new chaplain, Fr Daniel.

We give thanks for our president Jocelyn, and her leadership and encouragement to us all even though we have not been able to meet together as a diocesan family this year.

We give thanks for all the members in our branches working to reach out in love to support families in our communities. And helping to build each other up in hope and confidence.

We pray for Jocelyn and all members of our executive committee as they work to encourage the growth of Mothers Union in our diocese.

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